Smash, clobber and bash the murderous legends of Slavic mythology in this darkly funny action role-playing game that changes every time you play. Play as Ivan, a one-handed blacksmith with incredibly bad luck, who must take on the impossible tasks given to him by the tzar. All the while the mysterious witch, Baba Yaga, watches over Ivan's fate.



When we started brainstorming for ideas for a new game, we decided to mix our love for roguelikes with our love for narrative and choice based games. Then memories of fairy tales that brightened our childhoods started flowing - magical, charming, gloomy or funny, scary, moody, surprising or cruel. These were not your regular tales of Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, but of Baba Yaga the witch, Koschei the Immortal and Vasilisa the Beautiful. Thus, Breadcrumbs was born to lead players into these worlds, and we decided Yaga would be our first game. With each piece of code, with each sketch and each brushstroke we felt our vision coming to life and we hope our passion managed to seep its way inside the game as well.


Yaga was launched in partnership with Versus Evil on Apple Arcade, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store. After a while, we also launched on Steam and GOG, together with the big "Spirits for Spirits" update.

Roots of Evil

In October 2021 we released the "Root of Evil" expansion, containing a big new storyline, new characters, new quests and new secrets to discover.


  • Bludgeon the ancient monsters of Slavic folklore using a vast arsenal of hammers and tools forged by Ivan's own hands.
  • Your actions change Ivan's story, his reputation, and the upgrades he can choose.
  • Experiment in the deep forging system to make weapons like teleporting lightning hammers and hookshot pitchforks.
  • Explore the combinations of talismans, magic items, blessings, perks, and curses to fundamentally change how Ivan plays.
  • Multiple endings, multiple ways of solving encounters, procedural map, lots of characters to encounter, and hidden secrets mean Yaga is meant to be played over and over again.
  • Ivan's grandma just wants him to find a wife. Don't disappoint her!
  • Unique Soundtrack featuring underground folklore band Subcarpati and their collaborators


Yaga Launch TrailerYouTube

Roots of Evil TrailerYouTube

Yaga Soundtrack - Da' cu ArcuYouTube



Awards & Recognition

  • "Nordic Game Discovery Contest - Game of the Year" Malmo, 2018
  • "DevPlay - Best Visuals" Bucharest, 2017
  • "CEEGA - Best Audio" 2020
  • "Nomination for Best Adventure Game - Webby Awards" 2020

Selected Articles

  • If you want to play something different, something that will immerse you in an engaging world of Slavic folklore, I highly recommend playing Yaga. There’s no doubt in my mind that Yaga is one of the most creative indies I’ve played this year.
    Morgan Shaver, Indie Obscura
  • Yaga was a genuinely surprising gem of a game that has clearly had a lot of time and passion poured into it. It’s gorgeous, sounds great, has a charming script and was just so damn addictive to play.
    Brad Lang, Critical Hit
  • Yaga Delivers an entertaining and quite original action-RPG-roguelike experience with a gorgeous artistic style and an enjoyable slavic mythology twist.
    Daniele Cucchiarelli, Eurogamer IT
Ivan's Story Comic
Available in comic form
Yaga Soundtrack on Youtube
The full Soundtrack of the game
Wallpaper Pack
Some nice wallpaper for Yaga fans

About Breadcrumbs Interactive

We love combining dark humour, quirky characters and charming art to create worlds that you can get lost in. We made Yaga, a slavic folktale RPG. Now working on Monster Therapy.
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Yaga Credits

The Team
Flaviu Haitonic, Horatiu Istrate, Alexandru Munteanu, Bogdan Tanasoiu, Geanina Todea, Flaviu Vescan, Catalin Zima-Zegreanu
Former Team Members
Ines Martins, Razvan Zapca, Ana Benta
Subcarpati & Argatu'
Sound Design
Pixel Noise
Voice Recording and Direction